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From booking your travel, to ordering your park tickets, to helping select the best party package, we've got you covered (in pixie dust)!

Booking your discounted hotel rooms

Booking all travel to and from Disneyland

Ordering your discounted park tickets

Ordering the best party package for you

Services include:


We recognize that there are a lot of decisions to make about what to do at Gay Days Anaheim and we are here to help!

Let the Gay Days Anaheim Concierge Fairies wave their wands and magically handle it for you!

For a 10% booking fee, our fairies will take care of all of your Gay Days arrangements.

Drop us a line at: or fill out the form below and let us do the rest!

Introducing the                    Concierge!



Thanks for submitting!

One of our fairies will be getting right back to you!

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