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Why doesn’t Disney make the event official?

Disney doesn’t endorse any group that comes into their park during regular park operating hours. While they may reserve space (like they’re doing for us at several times), that does not connote an official endorsement. In order to make it truly official, we’d need to rent out the entire park, and they don’t do that during regular operating hours.

Is Disney involved?

Disney has been wonderfully supportive of the event, especially as it has grown. They are involved in all of the official aspects of the event (hotel room blocks, the Welcome Center), and have been very accommodating. But they are not involved in the actual ‘unofficial gay days’ in the park. We continue to work closely with PRIDE, which is Disney’s LGBT diversity group, and they have done a great job of integrating the event as much as possible into Disneyland’s schedule.

Where do I pick up my VIP, show and/or Plunge party tickets?

All tickets are held at the Will Call desk in the Gay Days Welcome Center in the Grand Californian Hotel (the Trillium Room). Additionally, tickets will be held at each of the party venues.

What is included in VIP ticket packages?

VIP Gold and VIP Silver packages include VIP access to the big Gay Days Anaheim parties and some of the shows Additionally, VIP Gold ticket holders are invited to an exclusive cocktail party and receive a gift bag full of collectible goodies. Please note that VIP tickets DO NOT include park admission.

When I go into the ticket store for discounted tickets, it says "convention tickets." Am I in the  right place? 

Yes, Gay Days is treated like a convention by Disney for the purposes of ticketing, even though it is unlike typical conventions. 

Do I need a special ticket to get into Disneyland and/or Disney California Adventure for Gay      Days, or will a regular park ticket do? What about annual passes? 

Regular park tickets and annual passes will get you in to the parks over Gay Days (as long as your annual pass isn't blocked out). Discounted park tickets are available (CLICK HERE)

Why do we wear red shirts?

We take after our sister event in Orlando, which also uses the red as the color of choice. Red stands out in the crowd. Because the park is open to everyone, it’s easiest to identify one another if we’re all wearing the same color. And while we don’t consider the event political in any way, a sea of red shirts does make a lasting impression on all who see it.

Why did the event move from October?

When Gay Days started, October was a quiet time at Disneyland, but since they started promoting Halloween, it's become very busy. By moving to September, we are able to keep hotel prices low and have greater availability of park reservations for you, not to mention the pleasure of a less crowded park!

Is it safe even though it’s not gay-exclusive?

We have not had any reports of physical confrontations between gay people and homophobic guests during gay days. While we have heard of a few isolated incidents of people muttering rude remarks under their breath, 99% of the comments we get back from people are overwhelmingly positive. Plus, while Disney does not endorse the event, they are aware it happens so security are on alert for any harassment, and the people in guest relations do a great job of handling any problems which may arise.

Will there be alcohol at the Kingdom and Plunge! parties?

Yes, alcohol will be served. IDs will be checked both at the door and at the bar.

Are there accommodations for the disabled?

All of the Gay Days events are wheelchair accessible. Should you require a sign-language interpreter, you must contact us 30 days prior to the event. For needs within the parks, Disney's Guest Services (located at the front of each of the parks) can help you upon arrival.

Who produces Gay Days?

A company called Where's My Dress Productions is responsible for Kingdom, Wonderland, the Info Center, the Group Photos, and all other “official” aspects of the non-official weekend.

How can I find out more about Gay Days?

Sign up for the private Gay Days email list and Facebook Page. You will get updates about everything from the parties and hotel rooms to T-shirts and other Gay Day-related events. We will not sell or give your email address to anyone else. This is only for Gay Days updates.

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